Dept. of Science

The department of Science plays a key role to popularize Science in the State by conducting seminars, science exhibitions at various levels.

The department is meant for extending resource support to different institutions like IASEs / CTEs / DIETs and Schools. The department has got pivotal role in propagating scientific values, scientific attitudes and scientific temper particularly among the teachers and students and the community at large.

Aims and objectives:

  • To organise in-service training for Physical Science teachers to enrich the subject.
  • To organize trainings for Physical Science teachers in doing lab experiments.
  • To provide ideas and information to keep the teachers abreast of the latest developments in the field of science.
  • To undertake studies, investigations and surveys relating to science matters on the appraisal of education    programmes.
  • To undertake publication of modules, enrichment material, lab manual and book of projects etc.

Functions of the science department:

  • Training programme for Secondary School teachers.
  • Organization of District, State, South India Science Fairs
  • Organization of District, State Science Seminars
  • Research studies.