Incentive Scholarship Scheme for students of Std. IV

Incentive Scholarship Scheme (Pradnya Shodh) for the students of Std. IV”.

1. Aims and objectives : The main objective of the scheme is to identify the hidden talent of the students at the end of Std. IV studying in vernacular medium in Rural, Urban and Slum area ,in Government as well as Government Aided schools only and to provide them financial assistance as an incentive for getting good education up to Std. X.

2. Eligibility:- All the students who score 60% and above marks in the first terminal examination of Std. IV are eligible to answer the qualifying examination.(Relaxation of 5% for the candidates belonging to Reserved Category)
The candidates shall have to answer the qualifying scholarship examination conducted by the State Council of Educational Research & Training.

The qualifying examination shall be held a week before the last day of the academic year preferably on SUNDAY.

3. Distribution of scholarships category wise per taluka shall be as follows:

Sr.No           Category                                                  Rural              Urban            Total
1                     General                                                     10                     04                  14
2                    Children of Landless Laboure’s          04                      03                 07
3                    O.B.C.                                                       04                      04                 08
4                    S.C.                                                            02                      01                 03
5                    S.T.                                                            02                      01                 03
6                    Children from Slum Area                     01                      04                 05
                     Total                                                           23                      17                  40

12 talukas X 40 = 480 Scholarships.

4. Implementing Agency:- The scheme shall be jointly implemented by the Directorate of Education and State Council of Educational Research & Training.

5. Procedure for Implementation :-
     5.1  State Council of Educational Research & Training,(SCERT) shall conduct qualifying examination at the end of
            Academic year at all 12 Talukas.
     5.2  The question paper of qualifying examination (Total 100 marks)shall consists of three subjects viz.
              Language (Marathi/Konkani/Urdu), Mathematics & Environmental Studies.
     5.3  The weightage of marks shall be as follows:
             a) Language – 30 marks
             b) Mathematics – 40 marks
             c) Environmental Studies – 30 marks