Historical Aspects
The State Institute of Education, an academic wing of Directorate of Education was established in Goa at A lot Porvorim, in the year 1975. It was constituted with the following objectives:
• To prepare curriculum and textbooks for the school students
• In-service Education to the Teachers at Pre Primary, Primary, Middle and Secondary School level in various school subjects,
• Innovations and Research in field of Education
• Educational Measurement and Evaluation
• Preparation of Audio-visual aids, learning material, Educational audio-visual programmes, Educational Toys, etc
• Science and Technology
• Population Education
• Early child hood Education
• Adult Education

In the year 2006, the Government has taken a decision to upgrade the State Institute of Education & Training (SIE) into State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) wide order no: TE/SIE/Adm/SCERT/55/81/Vol-I/1689.

The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) in its present form came into existence in October 2016 following the sanction of Government of Goa for up-gradation of the State Institute of Education (SIE). The SCERT was functioning from the erstwhile SIE building till November 2016. Under the Centrally sponsored scheme of Teachers Education the new state of the art building of SCERT was constructed at the cost of Rupees 25 crore. The new building of SCERT is well equipped with the required infrastructure for conducting various programmes including training of teachers, conducting of educational surveys, research and development of teaching-learning material.

SCERT Goa has been designated as the Academic Authority under Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009. As an academic authority SCERT is committed for sustainable quality education in the state of Goa by the way of carrying out Research, Innovation, Training and Development of teaching learning materials for different levels of school as well as teacher education. SCERT strives for various quality enhancement programmes especially spotting and nurturing the talent by way of conducting and offering various scholarships for students. Besides its also committed to popularize Science Education in the State and implementing various need based programmes for adolescents.Our

Role and Mission
 To provide academic support for improving the quality of school education at all stages from Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary.
 Implementation of different academic programmes for the benefits of school system.
 To arouse general awareness towards the educational problems and activities in the state.
 To offer expertise to the policy makers as and when required.
 To put school education and sound footing and to accord a scientific treatment to various aspects of school education.
 To extend and initiate useful schemes, projects, programmes and activities in the field of education.