Objectives and Functions

In the context of the renewed vision of SCERT, major roles and core functions of the SCERT are as follows:

  • As an Academic Authority u/s 29 (1) of the RTE Actto lay down the curriculum and evaluation procedure which would be followed by all schools in the elementary level and to develop a system for assessment and evaluation of the learning achievements on a continuous basis.
  • To undertake policy research and to advise state governments on policy formulations relating to school education and elementary teacher education. To collate and disseminate available researches from universities, research agencies and NGOs in order to make use of these researches for improving quality of the education.
  • To prepare State Curricular Framework for School Education and preparation of curriculum for the elementary teacher education course.
  • To develop curricular, instructional materials, textbooks, teachers’ handbooks, supplementary reading materials etc. for use in educational institutions for teachers of all stages of school education.
  • ToDefine clear, coherent and effective student learning indicators/outcomes in order to establish clarity at all levels of State administrative and academic machinery.
  • To organize in-service teacher education programmes annually for teachers,teacher educators, administrators, and ECCE practitionerson innovative educational practices.
  • To evolve meaningful, short term and long term teacher education programs on specific themes of specialization for secondary and senior secondary teachers, administrators and teacher educators.
  • To provide academic leadership in school education in the state.
  • To coordinate with NCERT, NUEPA, and other National, International and State level agencies including NGOs etc. for implementation of schemes and projects.
  • To act as a Resource Centre for Teachers and Teacher Educators.
  • To give technical guidance and programme support to and act as academic supervisors of the District Institute of Education and Training (DIETs), BRCs CRCs etc. xii) To act as a nodal agency for all kinds of educational programmes and schemes. xiii) To prepare 5 year state perspective plan and Annual Work Plan for teacher education.