Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant launch Digital Platform for Teachers for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA)

DIKSHA (Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing) is a National Digital Platform for students, teachers, teacher educators and educational functionaries in which digital resources for teaching – and student learning in the form of audio- visual can be accessed at the fingertips. These resources can be updated from time to time.

Chief Minister Dr Promod Sawant launched Goa-DIKSHA on 02/12/2019, an initiative of Directorate of Education, SCERT Porvorim & Samagra Shiksha- Teacher Education in ICT for achievement of quality education in school for students, Teachers, Teacher Educators in the State in collaboration with MHRD, NCTE, and Team DIKSHA, New Delhi.

This programme has been well attended by Smt Nila Mohanan IAS Secretary Education, Smt Vandana Rao IAS Director Education, Mr Nagaraj Honnekeri Director SCERT, Shri Shripad Patnekar Chairman GEDC,Shri Dayanand Chawdikar OSD to CM,Shri Shailesh Zingde Dy Director (Acad),other officers from Education Department and Team DIKSHA- Mr Siva Moorty ,Dr Shubha,Ms Shweta & Mahesh Natarajan.

Under GOA-DIKSHA, school Textbooks of EVS for Class 5th and Mathematics for Class 6th have been energized by imposing a QR Code at each chapter. This QR Codes is linked to digital content, which can be accessed by scanning via DIKSHA Android App available on Google play store.
Students and teachers can scan the QR codes with each chapter in the textbook, and get lesson-related information through Google app. These teaching and learning subjects are like additional resources for each chapter. These will include interactive visual-audio themes, worksheets and other relevant information, which correspond to school text. This brings us new opportunities for teaching and learning to our teachers and students and parents can download the mobile app by looking at the instructions in the first page of the textbook.

Going forward, SCERT will also explore other verticals of Diksha especially NAS Prep for helping students of 3rd,5th and 8th Std..and energized textbooks for class 3rd & 4th Maths and 5th & 6th Marathi language text books.

Chief Minister distributed certificates to prize winning teachers and congratulated Education Department, SCERT, Team DIKSHA for their efforts for providing high quality curated digital content to the teachers and students which will lead to a rewarding learning experience to every student in Goa.